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Interpreter System

Our BOSCH Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment is an infra-red operated audio distribution system that often being used for simultaneous interpretation, especially conference interpreting.

The BOSCH Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment:

  • Support up to 32 languages or audio channels simultaneously

  • Long battery lifetime (Up to 8 hours)

  • Stable and user-friendly

  • No interference from lighting

  • Superior digital audio quality

  • High privacy, Infra-red transmission signals do not pass through walls or ceilings

  • Wireless device that allows freedom of movement

Central Control Unit
Recording Unit
Interpreter System
Booth Interpreter
For DCN Next Generation or DCN wireless systems, or a combination of the two
In-Single CCU, Maximum 245 Wires Contribution units, plus 245 wireless delegate units
For multi-CCU systems, with up to 30 CCU's and a total of 4000 contribution units
Voice activated microphone mode for wired and wireless system
Ethernet connection for configuration and control computers
Low susceptibility to mobile phone interfence
Compact, attractive and ergonomic design
Fixed microphone
Built-In loudspeaker
Used ad delegate unit or chairman unit
Plug-and-play functionality for quick and easy connection of up to 80 Discussion Devices
Intuitive web browser interface control for advanced configuration and control
Built-in MP3 recorder with internal memory and USB recording
Built-In Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression (DAFS) for ensuring superior speech intelligibility 
On-board support for automatic HD camera control
Low susceptibility to mobile phone interference
Ergonomic design with features for visual impaired
Up to 31 interpretation channels and the original floor language with an audio bandwidth of 20 KHz
A graphic LCD with backlight for bright information display in dark conditions
5 pre-select keys for relax languages with activation indication at the display
DCN CCU2.jpg
Can distribute a maximum of 4, 8, 16 , 32 audio channels
Can be used with DCN Next generation, or analogue systems like the CCS 900
Flexible configuration of channels and channel quality modes for efficient distribution
Configuration of transmitter and system via display and one single rotary push button
LBB 4511/00 covers up to 1300 m2 (one carrier, 4 standard quality channels)
LBB 4512/00 covers up to 2600 m2 (one carrier, 4 standard quality channels)
Automatic gain control ensures the IREDs (Infrared emitting diodes) function with the maximum efficiency.
Power output selection for efficiency and economy
Safety eye
charging unit.jpg
poket receiver.jpg
Specially-designed IC for maximum performance and a long time battery life time.
Recharging electronics integrated in the chip, ensuring optimum charging performance
2-digit LCD display with battery and reception status indication
Number of available channels is always the same as the number of channels in use by the system, eliminating the need to scroll through unused channels
Can accommodate 56 pocket receivers
Universal mains power facility allows use worldwide
Rapid recharging : within 1 hour and 45 minutes
Custom built design
silence fan for air circulation 
1600mm x 1600mm x 2000mm (Optional size available) 
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