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lab bahasa multimedia modern linguist
Lab bahasa multimedia modern Linguist
Linguist is an advanced Multimedia Classroom Management Software for computer laboratory with evolutionary breakthrough. it connect teacher with students in a networked classroom, helps students or groups communicate. Learn and Collaborate with each other.
What's more, Linguist is now ready in wireless teaching environment, so please get a trial and experience it today!
Applications :
  • Multimedia Teaching and Learning
  • Computer Labs Management  Control
  • Digitalized Language Lab
  • Corporate Training
Share Your Screen
Interactive Teaching
Interactive Chat
Group Teaching
Practical Oral
Teaching Evaluation
Lab bahasa multimedia modern Linguist
Lab bahasa, Lab bahasa inggris, Laboratorium Bahasa
Multimedia Language Lab is a comprehensive digital lab software which can be used for training of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Assisted by such tool, the teacher can deliver language teaching to the class smoothly and intriguingly. With the interface that is simple and straight-forward, the software is easy to learn and to operate.
Language Lab employs the breakthrough technology of software and hardware integration and is equipped with advantages of the both. Specially, it does not only possess the advantages of good sound quality, minimized delay and high transmission efficiency as hard language lab, but also cost less and can be maintained easily as software language lab. Strong compatibility  and stability of Linguist Language Lab enables working together with other software  and long teaching process. Base on Computer, Linguist Language Lab enables a richer multi-media teaching in an interactive way. The classroom equipped with Language Lab and it so powerful management functions can also served the computer room realize sufficient use. 
  • Broadcast teacher's or assigned student's screen to student PCs
  • Real-time and synchronized broadcasting of video and audio
  • Add Comments and Demonstrate materials with Screen Pen
  • Support switch between windows display and full screen
  • Record Screen Function
Share Your Screen - An Interactive Way in Presentation
  • Launch test, quick response and competition
  • Launch an interactive whiteboard to selected student and student also can be participate if the teacher share the interactive whiteboard.
  • Share movie in the instructor's computer to the selected students in the class in real time.
  • Share images that capture by camera and broadcast it to selected students in the class in real time.
Interactive Teaching - An Interactive Way in Learning
  • Instructor and students can exchange their opinions by group chat, Grouping types : pairing, group by line, group by column, use existing group or random grouping.
  • Instructor can set different topics and students can choose to join which topic by one click. Also instructor can choose one of the topic groups to join the chat.
Interactive Chat - An Interactive Way to Communicate 
  • According to the actual situation, the instructor can divide the students into several groups and conduct different teaching activities to different groups.
Group Teaching - An Interactive Way to Learn in Group
  • At improving student's abilities of listening, speaking, reading. Digital and Recorder is one of the important function, which aims writing when learn a new language. Teacher can conduct live recording with live video streaming from teacher camera/document camera. so it is easy to obtain teaching materials. Teacher can open course ware  that previously generate by Repeater Course ware Editor to students so that students can start learning Listening, Reading, Writing and speaking at the same time.
  • Teacher can conduct teaching material, a course ware editor for digital recorder mainly includes three basic elements  for the teacher to choose proper audio section.
  • Special tool for teacher to learn pronunciation, Teacher can set playback speed to make it easier to set the standard level of listening and recording.
Practical Oral - An Interactive Way to Learn Pronunciation
  • Support different question types.
  • Teacher can set quiz time, scale and re-arrange question sequence for different student.
  • Collect the quiz paper automatically after quiz ends, Teacher can also collect the quiz paper ahead of time.
  • Teacher can grade the quiz paper after collecting all the papers.
  • Support statistic summary of the quiz result, teacher can check the question list, student score and statistic graph.
  • Use answer sheet to conduct a quick test to one or more students.
  • Import quiz paper from files (*.doc, *,pdf,*jpg, etc).
  • Conduct a survey to one or more students.
  • Display the result in the form of histogram.
Teaching Evaluation - An Interactive Way to Evaluate
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